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"I believe I am your doctor."

Can we all just take a second to talk about how John is being super sexy Army Doctor John and Mary just…grimaces? That is not a smile, my friends. 

Sure, there’s a guy potentially about to bleed out (theoretically), but I don’t know if a grimace is still the best reaction* when one’s brand new husband is about to go save a life. Especially when one is a nurse. 

Is it just me (and feel free to tell me if it is just me) or does this reaction seem off? I just feel like it should go something like… well, exactly like this


*Not saying anything against Amanda’s acting. Amanda is fabulous and I believe this expression was intentional.

[gif of john from TSoT cred. gif of sherlock from THoB cred.]


seriously how much of the show do you have to completely ignore in order to believe that sherlock isn’t gay, john isn’t bisexual, sherlock and john are not in love with each other, john has not been head over heels since day one, mary was not john’s rebound to try to get over his grief over sherlock, sherlock and john are not miserable because they’re apart, mary is not a romantic obstacle keeping sherlock and john apart, and mary is not a villain

how much

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